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    Book Chapters:

  • Regional governance in global innovation processes, In Innovation Governance in an Open Economy, 2012.

  • The Second Academic Revolution: Rise of the Entrepreneurial University and Impetuses to Firm Formation. In: Allen and O’Shea (eds) Entrepreneurial University, Cambridge University Press.

  • Academic Conflict of Interest. In  Science and Trust Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 2010.

  • Normative Change in Science: From Entrepreneurial Science to Social Entrepreneurship. In: Measuring the Social Value of Innovation: A Link in the University Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Equation. Libecap, G. (ed.) Bingley: Emerald, 2009.

  • Evolution of the university's role in Innovation and the New Asia Model, Douglas et al eds Globalization's' Muse: Universities and Higher Education Systems in a Changing World. Berkeley Public Policy Press. 2009.

  • The Coming Gender Revolution in Science (with Fuchs, Gupta, Kemelgor and Ranga) In: The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies (3rd edition)) Hackett, Amsterdamska, Lynch and Wajcman (eds) Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 2008.

  • The Triple Helix and the Rise of the Entrepreneurial University In Grandin (ed.) Nobel Foundation Symposium on Science and Industry. Watson Publishing International. 2004.

  • The Triple Burden: A Cross-cultural analysis of the consequences of discrimination for women in science, In: European Commission Gender and Excellence in the Making. Brussels: Directorate General for Research. 2004.

  • Public Venture Capital: The Secret Life of US Science Policy In: Biegelbauer and Borras (eds) Innovation Policies in Europe and the US: The New Agenda. Hampshire: Ashgate. 2003.

  • “The Entrepreneurial University and the University as Entrepreneur: Why Academia is the Core Institution of Knowledge-Based Society In Fonster mot Framtiden (Visions of the Future) Stockholm: Ax:son Johnson Foundation. 2003.

  • China Philosophy, Dictionary for Natural Dialectic, edited by Yongxiang Lu, Science Press, 2003. 10, Beijing. Chinese version

  • The Triple Helix of University – Industry – Government, Working Paper 2002-11, Stockholm: Institutet för studier av utbildung och forskning (SYSTER). 2002.

  • Beyond the Endless Frontier: From the Land Grant to the Entrepreneurial University. In: Wolf, Zilberman (eds) Knowledge Generation and Technical Change. Kluwer: Dordrecht. 2001.

  • The Trajectory of U.S. Innovation Policy In Dresner, Simon and Nigel Gilbert (eds) The Dynamics of European Science and Technology Policies. London: Ashgate. 2001.

  • Nano-science and Society In Societal Implications of Nanoscience Washington DC NSF. 2001.

  • Innovation of China in The Twentieth Century - China’s Modernization in the  20th century, [Technology Part], Chinese version, Chinese Financial and Economic Press, 2001.1, Beijing.  

  • Science: the Basis and Source for Technology Transition, Chinese version, Technology Transfer and High-Tech Development (edited by Yutai Zhang), P298, 2001.3. 

  • Bridging the Gap: The Evolution of Industry-University Links in the United States” In: Branscomb (eds) Industrializing Knowledge Cambridge: MIT Press. 2000.

  • The Evolution of the Entrepreneurial University, In: Jacob and Hellstrom (eds) The Future of Knowledge Production in the Academy. Milton Keynes: Open University Press. 2000.

  • Why are women and minority scientists still treated so badly?” In: Campbell et al. (eds) Access Denied. New York: Oxford University Press. 2000.

  • Academia Agonistes: The Triple Helix of University-Industry-Government In: Braun and Merrien (eds), Towards a new model of governance for Universities London: Jessica Kingsley. 1999.

  • Entrepreneurial Science in Mexico as a Development Strategy” , Sociology of Science Yearbook, 1997. Dordrecht: Kluwer

  • Gender Implosion: The Paradox of Critical Mass for Women in Science In:  Nerad (ed.) Graduate Education in the United States, Garland Publishing. 1997.

  • The Triple Helix: Academic-Industry-Government Relations in New York In Raymond ed. The Technology Link to Economic Development. New York: N.Y. Academy of Sciences. 1996.

  • Academic-Industry Relations: A Sociological Paradigm for Economic Development. In: Leydesdorff and Besselaar (eds) Evolutionary Economics and Chaos Theory London: Pinter. 1994.

  • Science as Intellectual Property (with Webster) Sociology of Science Handbook Sage: 1994.

  • Die Kapitalisierung des Wissens: Die Rolle des Staates und des Wissenschaftlers bei der Grundung von Wirtschaftsunternehmen. In:  Hilpert (ed.) Zwischen Scylla Und Charybdis?: Zum Problem Staatlicher Politik Und Nicht-Intendierter Konseqwenzen. Westdeutcher Verlag. 1994.

  • Barriers to Women in Academic Science and Engineering. In: Pearson and Fechter (eds) Who Shall Do Science? Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University. 1994.

  • Redesigning Solomon's House: The University and the Internationalization of Science and Business, Sociology of Science Yearbook Amsterdam: Kluwer. 1992.

  • University-Industry Relations: Models of Integration and Separation", Proceedings of the 15th AAAS Colloquium on S&T Policy. 1990.

  • Second Academic Revolution In Cozzens (ed). The Research System in Transition Dordrecht: Kluwer. 1990.

  • The Electronic Focused Interview: Email as a Dialogic Interviewing Medium. In: Stefferud et al (eds). Message Handling Systems and Distributed Applications Amsterdam: North Holland. 1989.

  • The Making of an Entrepreneurial University: The Traffic Among MIT, Industry and the Military, 1860-1960. In: Mendelsohn et al (eds) Science, Technology and the Military Dordrecht: Kluwer. 1988.

  • Uberdeterminierte Technologie. In: Burokratie Als Shicksal?  WestDeutcher Verlag. 1985.

       Book Reviews:

  • Removing Barriers: Women in Academic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews, 37: 24-25. 2008.

  • University-Industry Relations Review, Essay Minerva, 1995.

  •  What Happened to Cybernetics? Contemporary Sociology, 1993.

  •  Theories of Science in Society, Science, May, 1991.
  • Molecular Biology: The New Modes, Science, Dec. 1988.
  • Regulatory Reform: Politics and the Environment, International Digest of Health Legislation, 1988.
  • The Growth of American Research Universities, Journal of Higher Education July/August, 1988.
  • The Process of Science, Science, Oct. 30, 1987.
  • Environmentalism and Equity, Science, Feb. 23, 1987.

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