Triple Helix Institute           





Silicon Valley –X


                       Research Focuses:

  • Meta Theory and Specific Practice of Triple Helix Innovation Model

  • Entrepreneurial University

  • Venture Capital 

  • University Technology Transfer

  • Academic Entrepreneurship

  • High-tech Spin-offs

  • Firms in the Triple Helix Interactions

  • The Roles of Government in the Triple Helix Innovation Model


        Selected  Previous Research Projects:

Regional innovation System based on the Triple Helix, 2011-2017, 500,000

University-Industry Relation in the US, European Commission, 2012-2013 150,000


Gender Specific Aspects of the Evaluation of Funding Proposals and the Awarding of Funding  Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft,  2010-2011  30,000


Monitoring Knowledge Flows in the European Research Area through University References in Patents (European Commission DG Research/ERAWATCH/ IPTS) (with Ranga). 2009  100,000


Identification and analysis of policies to promote investment in research in non-EU countries (European Commission DG Research/ERAWATCH/ IPTS) (with Ranga). 2007-08  150,000


Survey of Science Park Managers, International Association of Science Parks, 2007  12,000


Innovation in Triple Helix Relations: Implications for Newcastle and the Northeast, City Technology and Business Link, Newcastle. 2007  25,000


Women in Innovation, Science and Technology (WIST), European Commission-DG Research. 2006-08  200,000


Innovation Project, Center for Business and Policy Studies, Stockholm, 2000-2005   50,000


The Triple Helix of University, Industry, Government, NSF, 2000    10,000


Industry as a Stimulator of Technology Transfer, NATO, 1999        30,000


Academic-Industry Relations, Center for Business and Policy Studies, Stockholm 1997    20,000


."Triple Helix Conference" NSF, European Union, CNRS France, etc. 1998    30,000


Qualitative Evaluation of Health Informatics Focused Program, National Institute of Science and Technology, 1996-97   25,000


Academic-Industry Relations, Andrew Mellon Foundation, 1995  30,000


Critical Transitions for Women in Science, NSF, 1995   10,000


Evaluation of Research Groups, Rockefeller University, 1995


Conflict of Interest in Academic-Industry Relations, NSF, 1993-95   40,000


State Science Policy (with Kevin Dougherty) National Science Foundation, 1993-95   60,000


Women in Science and Engineering: Improving Participation and Performance in Doctoral Programs, NSF, 1991-1994  160,000


Academic Industry Relations, NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Acquafredda, Italy, 1991. 40,000


Indicators of Small Science, NSF, 1990    20,000


University-Industry Relations at MIT, NSF, 1989-1990     30,000


Women in Academic Science" NSF Sociology, 1989-90      25,000


 Research Groups in Academic Science, State University of New York Research Award, 1988   10,000


The Interdisciplinary Origins of Computer Science" (with Lois Peters) NSF, 1988-90   100,000


Academic Research Groups, State University of New York, Albany, 1988      6,000


 University-Industry Interactions (with Lois Peters) NSF 1986-87.  60,000


 Archival Research at MIT, National Endowment for Humanities, Summer 1984  4,000


 Academic Scientists and Industry" NSF, 1983-1984   10,000


The Effects of Corporate Headquarters Relocation on Cities and Suburbs" American Sociological Association 1977  1,500