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Henry Etzkowitz, Ph.D. (USA)
Co-Founder/ President

Prof. Etzkowitz is a scholar of international reputation in innovation studies as the originator of the “Entrepreneurial University” and “Triple Helix” concepts. He is founding President of the Triple Helix Association (a unique international network of several hundred scholars and practitioners of university-industry-government relations) and founding editor of its journal. Henry is currently CEO of a 501c3 think tank, International Triple Helix Institute in Silicon Valley 

He was  Visiting Faculty Fellow at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Senior Researcher at the H-STAR Institute and Lecturer in STS at Stanford University. Prior to coming to Stanford, he held the Chair in Management of Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise at Newcastle University Business School in the UK and served as Visiting Professor in the Department of Technology and Society at Stony Brook University and Birkbeck, University of London. He previously taught at SUNY (Purchase College) and Washington University, St. Louis.

Etzkowitz is author of MIT and the Rise of Entrepreneurial Science (Routledge, 2002); co-author of  Athena Unbound: The Advancement of Women in Science and Technology (Cambridge, 2000); Triple Helix: University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Routledge, 2008, 2017). Articles, individually and with colleagues, include:   Citizen Driven Innovation, stem cell scientists, patient advocates and financial innovators in the Making of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (Prometheus, 2021) Gender dynamics in science and technology (Brussels Economic Review, 2008);  Interdisciplinary Organization as a basic academic unit, (Industry and Higher Education, 2021); Licensing Life: the evolution of Stanford University’s Technology Transfer Practice (Technology Forecasting and Social Change, 2021).

After his BA in History at the University of Chicago, he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer Teacher at the Bornu Secondary School in Northern Nigeria. His PhD in Sociology, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Reserch with a dissertation on a social entrepreneurship project that also bcaem the subject of a co-authored Ghetto Crisis (Little, Brown, 1969). His participation in a photovoltaics start-up led him into the field of science and technology policy, post doctoral work with Robert K. Merton at Columbia University and a series of grants (one million US) from  the US National Science foundation on university-industry relations and women in science, followed up with a series of European Union funded  research projects. Sweden’s Linkoping University awarded him an honorary doctorate in engineering. 

Chunyan Zhou, Ph.D. (USA~China)
Co-Founder/Research Director, Senior Researcher 

Zhou now is interested in the triple helix and entrepreneurial university studies.  After getting a B.S in physics and M.S. in science education, she followed Professor Changshu Chen (founder of the technological innovation and technological philosophy research fields of China, working at both Renmin University and Northeastern Universities in China),  receiving a Ph.D in 2000. She published book: From Science to Technology: the Scientific Basis in the Technological Era, based on her dissertation; and translated Stokes’ PASTEUR'S QUADRANT: Basic Science and TechnologicalInnovation, Science Press, Beijing (1999). In over 100 publications since 1997, Dr. Zhou’s key contributions include the “triple helix field”, “government-pulled triple helix,” “triple helix circulation” concepts as well as “Triple Helix Twins for innovation and sustainability” (with Henry Etzkowitz). She is also co-author of the book, Triple Helix, 2nd edition London: Routledge, 2018, and co-editor of the book: Social Entrepreneurship, Springer, 2014. In 2004-2005, she was invited to Stanford University as a Visiting Scholar sponsored by China’s Scholarship Council. She is also a visiting professor at Stony Brook University, Newcastle University (UK), Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and Mid-Sweden University (Sweden). From 2010 to 2013, she worked for the Journal of Knowledge-based Innovation in China (Emerald) as the editor;  she has served as Associate Editor and Editorial Board Member of the Triple Helix (2014-20)

Adli Abouzeedan, Ph.D. (Sweden)
Senior Researcher 

Adli Abouzeedan is a Swedish Citizen since 1993. He holds a Ph.D. in project management, innovation and entrepreneurship, from Linköping University. He has published a number of articles in areas of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems, innovation and economic development as well as small business management. He developed, in corporation with a wide network of international researchers, new paradigms and concepts such as open capital, innovation capital and internetisation management. Dr. Abouzeedan is a reviewer for some high-ranked international journals. Beside his works in his owns areas of specialty, he wrote, addressing diverse topics including democracy and philosophy. 


   Tatiana Pospelova, Ph.D. (Russia)

   Senior Researcher, Project Manager 

With a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics, Innovation Department, a Master's Degree in international business in International Business in HULT Business School (USA), in recent years Tatiana is currently holding a position of the Triple Helix Association representative in Russia as a Russian Chapter. Her main scope is to advance the scientific knowledge and practical achievements related to all aspects of the interaction between academy-industry-government for fostering research, innovation, economic competitiveness and growth. 

Before ITHI Tatiana worked on business development and strategy projects in several startup companies: Penxy and global companies, such as Intel China and Natura Brasil. Her main research activities concern the theory of the Triple Helix and Innovation Clusters and the possibility of the implementation of these concepts in developing countries.

Chunjun Wang, Prof./Ph.D. (China)

Senior Researcher, Project Manager

In 2004, Wang got a Ph.D. from Zhejiang University, China. He has published book: University is a Series of Events (Jilin People’s Press, China, 2005); The Triple Helix of University-Industry-Government Relationships: Knowledge and Options, (Social Sciences Academic Press, China),2005; How Can We Earn Money in Planting Next Year, East-north University of Finance and Economics, China, 2012); Happiness Management on Disney Co. as the First Entertainment Corporation in the World, Social Sciences Academic Press, China, 2013); Social Entrepreneurship in the Donations to Universities Based on the Quadruple Helix, Economic Science Press, China, 2016); Knowledge Management in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Based on the Quadruple Helix, Social Sciences Academic Press, China, 2020). And he has published more than 60 papers on China Soft Science Magazine, Forum on Science and Technology in China, Science Research Management, Studies in Science of Science, Reform of Economy Systems. Review of Evolutionary Economics and Economics of Innovation, etc., about 30 CSSCI papers among them; He also published over 70 essays, thinktanks, proses, film critics published on Guangming Daily, Economy Highlights, Zhejiang University Newspaper, Movie Pictorial, New Movie, China Screen etc.


  Annika Steiber, Ph.D. (USA~Sweden)

  Senior Researcher & Project Manager 


Doctor of Technology with focus on management innovations and M.Sc. in industrial engineering, at the Department of Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Annika has an extensive industrial background and has in parallel with her research, worked for 18 years in high-tech industries as the head of business development, product management, marketing, sales, and as a management consultant. During the last 6 years, Annika has concentrated on her research on how to manage and organize for continuous innovation. Part of this research is a unique 1- year study of Google and its management model for innovation. Today, Annika is working with IMIT and Chalmers University of Technology where she works as assistant project leader in a Vinnova funded project. Annika is also a frequent well-known keynote speaker on the topic of Corporate Innovation. Further she works as an advisor to larger corporations in how to build capabilities for innovation. In her advisory services she is affiliated with Strategos Inc. an American company founded by Gary Hamel and with a cutting edge competence in the area of 'management of innovation'. Dr. Annika Steiber is a member of three different Management Boards. 

Michael Clouser, MBA (USA~Canada)

Senior Researcher/ Project Manager

Michael Clouser is an academic entrepreneur. His research interests surround the triple helix of university-industry-government interaction, innovation and the entrepreneurial university, and the supply of entrepreneurial risk finance and policy. He has experience teaching face-to-face and online courses including entrepreneurship, technology entrepreneurship, hospitality entrepreneurship, digital marketplaces, business and public policy, customer service strategy, hospitality operations, marketing, turf management, asset management, market research, venture finance, and others. He’s also spun companies out of universities and started research companies. He was the CEO of Cornell-affiliated Student Agencies Incorporated in Ithaca, New York. Run by students, the firm had 14 operating companies, $20 million in real estate assets, an incubator, and student venture fund.

Clouser has entrepreneurial and management experience from the following roles: venture capitalist with Dot Edu Ventures in Palo Alto, California; associate with the Edinburgh-Stanford Link in Edinburgh, Scotland; co-founder of internet and research firms including iLodging; business development director with GeoTouch; direct of franchise sales with Cendant; turnaround Hotel General Manager with brands such as Hampton; and instructor with eCornell.He has taught at the universities of Cornell, Edinburgh, Lynn, Trento, Stanford and Royal Roads. Clouser holds a BS from the School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University, an MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University and an MSc from the Business School, University of Edinburgh. He is a PhD candidate with the Business School, University of Edinburgh.

Mariza Almeida, Ph.D. (USA~Brazil)

Mariza Almeida is Professor at Industrial Engineering Scholl at Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mariza Almeida holds a PhD in Production Engineering, and is currently an Adjunct Professor on the Production Engineering School at Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Technology and Globalisation. Since December, 2013~2021, she was a Triple Helix Association vice president. Her first professional experience was as an agronomist, working for the Rio de Janeiro state government. In a professional field where women rarely participate, she was able to work in her field of study and help socially excluded groups such as small-scale farmers and the landless rural workers movement.

Branca Silva, Ph.D. (USA~ Brazil)

Branca is a professor and researcher in production engineering; entrepreneurship, S&T management; technological innovation; public policies on S&T; technology transfer and entrepreneurial university.

She has experience in the area of Production Engineering, with emphasis on technological innovation and industrial organization, working mainly in the following subjects: three-way propeller, S & T & I management, entrepreneurship university, local development, entrepreneurship, technology, technological innovation, research, planning and development innovative products in micro, small and medium enterprises, academic management and S & T & I public policies.

Karla Liboreiro, Ph.D. (USA~Brazil)

Researcher, Human Resources Professional & Project Manager


Doctor of Technology Innovation with a focus on social interactions for innovations at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with one year of research at the University of California Berkeley, United States. Karla has a Master's in Business Administration, from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and a bachelor's in Industrial Psychology. She has an extensive industrial background in parallel with her research, worked for 10 years in high-tech industries as HR Business Partner, HR consultant, and project manager. During the last 5 years, Karla has concentrated on her research on how to manage and organize university-industry interactions for continuous innovation and also has been working in the Human Resources field at big tech companies. Today, Karla is working at Amazon where she works as an HR Partner to provide support and technical assistance to managers and employees. She is a Guest-editor for the Special Issue Triple Helix and the new production of academic knowledge at Industry and Higher Education Journal. Further, she works as an HR consultant and advisor to corporations on how to build people's capabilities and inter-organizational networking for innovation.

      Rebecca Wilbanks(USA)

      Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University

      Research Assistant of Prof. Henry Etzkowitz(2015-2016)

Rebecca Wilbanks is a Ph.D. candidate in the Program in Modern Thought and Literature at Stanford University and holds a BA, summa cum laude, from Cornell University (biology and comparative literature). She is a recipient of the Ric Weiland Fellowship in the Humanities and Sciences (2013-2015), and a Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship (2015-2016). Her areas of interest include science and technology studies, speculative fiction, and the history and philosophy of science. Her dissertation explores biotechnology’s speculative futures, drawing on participant-observation with Bay Area “biohackers” and analysis of contemporary science and science fiction. Writing about synthetic biology, a field in which many participants combine research and entrepreneurship, helped to elicit her interest in the “entrepreneurial university” and the evolving relationship between government, academia, and industry in the 21st century.

Alexander Etzkowitz, MBA. (USA)


Alexander Etzkowitz is an entrepreneur and economist with experience in institutional asset management, financial    services startups and consulting. Bachelor degree in Economics from Pomona College and MBA from Columbia University. 


Richard Allan Horning

Member of the ITHI Advisory Board and attorney

Richard Allan Horning practices law as a member of the Venture Technology Group in the Silicon Valley office of Reed Smith LLP, a global law firm.  Honored by his peers as a Northern California "IP Super Lawyer" and recognized in the International Who's Who of Internet and E-Commerce Lawyers 2009 as the "most highly nominated lawyer in the US", Richard has been representing technology companies in Silicon Valley, and globally, since 1970. He works with a wide spectrum of clients, from the classic "garage-based" start-up to Fortune 500 multi-nationals. He specializes in counseling high technology companies in all stages of development on domestic and international issues, including securing, protecting and licensing intellectual property rights, international growth and development, venture capital financing, venture fund formation, supply and distribution relationships including antitrust and unfair competition considerations, and dispute resolution affecting technology driven industries. De Facto, a Finnish publication covering the Nordic legal community, labeled him "Mr. Consigliere" in recognition of his work as a close adviser to venture backed start-ups.

He has been a guest lecturer at Universities of Lausanne, Modena, UCLA, NYU, Columbia, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), University of San Francisco Graduate School of Management, Fuqua Graduate School of Business at Duke University, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Chalmers University Center for Intellectual Property (Goteborg), Webster University (Geneva), Swedish Institute of Management Executive Program (Stanford), Uppsala Executive MBA Program (Stanford), Catholic University of Argentina (Buenos Aires), International Institute for Innovation Journalism (Stanford), Center for American Legal Studies (Seoul) and the Center for International Legal Studies (Salzberg).  He has also spoken at and chaired programs at a wide variety of industry conferences, such as the RSA Data Security Conference, SD Forum, SVASE, Tech Coast Angels Forum, Central Coast Angel Network, IP Society, Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development, Swedish Venture Capital Association, Danish Venture Capital Society, Silicon Valley Association Switzerland, Chalmers University Innovation Centre, Danish Innovation Centre, Uppsala University Innovation Centre, Innovationsbron, Finnpro, Wireless Alliance, Seoul National University Technology Innovation Network, Instituto de Tecnologia de Software (Sao Paolo), Handong Law School International Conference, California State Bar Association, Computers Freedom and Privacy Forum, ABDI, IFCLA, AIPLA, AEA, WIPO, ICC, IBA, ABA and the International Technology Law Association. 


He is a Past President of the International Technology Law Association, served on the Executive Committee of the Intellectual Property Section of the State Bar of California,  and has served on the Advisory Boards of Chalmers University Center for Intellectual Property, BNA Electronic Information & Policy Law Reporter, Vinnova-Stanford Center for Research in Innovation Journalism, International Institute for Innovation Journalism, MentoNet, theTechnology Innovation Network at Seoul National University, and H5 Technologies


He serves as Honorary Consul for the Republic of Estonia in Silicon Valley.

Education: University of California, Berkeley (B.A., 1966); Duke University School of Law (J.D., 1969). Law Clerk to Judge Oliver D. Hamlin, Jr., United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 1969-1970. 



   Vivian Zhao, M.A. in Education (China)
   Project Manager

   Shuo Shan, MA in Design
   Junior Researcher, Designer