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         18. Triple Helix: A Universal Innovation Model? 
              by Henry Etzkowitz and Alice Zhou

in Handbook of Science and Public Policy, Handbooks of Research on Public Policy series,  Edited by Dagmar Simon, Stefan Kuhlmann and  Julia Stamm. Edward Elgar Publishing,2019


            The Triple Helix : 

              University -Industry -Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

              (The Second Edition), Routledge, 2018,  by Henry Etzkowitz and Chunyan Zhou


1. The Triple Helix ---- Silicon Valley’s Secret

2. Triple Helix as a Meta-Innovation Model

3. The Entrepreneurial University in a Triple Helix

4. Firms in Triple Helix

5. Optimum Role of Government 

6. Triple Helix Spaces: Regional Innovation

7. The Incubation of Innovation

8. Triple Helix Technopoles: Clusters and Science Parks

9. Re-Inventing Venture Capital in the Triple Helix

10. Coupling Triple Helix Twins: the Balance between Innovative Development and               Sustainability 

11. A Four-Dimensional Lens to Observe a Triple Helix

12. StartX and the Paradox of Success

13. The Triple Helix in Silicon Valley: The Sustainability of an Innovative Region

14. A Teaching University’s Civic Entrepreneurship: the Formation of A Cultural Cluster in Ashland, Oregon

15. Investment in Innovation

University Technology Transfer: The globalization of academic innovation
Edited by Shiri M. Breznitz and Henry Etzkowitz  --- Routledge, 2015


      Building Technology Transfer within Research University: An entrepreneurial   

       approach,  November 2014    

      Henry Etzkowitz 

The second academic revolution: The rise of the entrepreneurial university and impetuses to firm foundation 

Chunyan zhou 

The path to the entrepreneurial university in China: A case study of Northeastern University, China. 

In Building Technology Transfer within Research Universities: An Entrepreneurial Approach, Edited by Thomas J. Allen and Rory P. O’Shea. See 

Silicon Valley: Global model or unique anomaly

Volume 52, No.4,  December 2013



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Social Entrepreneurship: Leveraging Economic, Political and Cultural Dimensions
Springer, 2013 
        Edited by  Anders Lundström,   Chunyan Zhou,   Yvonne von Friedrichs,  Elisabeth Sundin
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Important Paper:  

Can a teaching university be an entrepreneurial university?: Civic Entrepreneurship and the Formation of A Cultural Cluster in Ashland, Oregon

by Henry Etzkowitz



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