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          Summer Camps

              AI Discovery Summer Camp 2024
                  Age 14-19

                   Age 7-14

                College Students Silicon Valley Tours 
                    Coming soon
AI Adventure Summer Camp 2024
Age 14-19

Math and Art Summer Camp 2024
Age 7-13

Henry Etzkowitz

Tina Mitiguy

Alice Chunyan Zhou

Teresita Estrada

   Together With AI Experts: 

    Dr. Tim Wong (Stanford University) and Robin Lee (Santa Clara University)

AI Experts: 

Tim Wong (Stanford University) and Robin Lee (Santa Clara University)

About the ITHI

International Triple Helix Institute (THI), is a 501(C) non-profit organization, started in Madrid Lasalle Innovation Park, incubated at H-STAR of Stanford University in Palo Alto, and spun off in Aug. 2013, with innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and   sustainable development as research remit. 

THI has four missions:


  1. Create new educational or training programmes to prepare people for the new innovation roles, like those who are managing and  working in science parks, high-tech zones and innovation parks, technology transfer offices, venture capital  firms and incubator facilities and governments. 

  2. Serve as a think tank through consultancy, brainstorming new innovation ideas and models, like“triple helix spaces” and the World Innovation Network. 

  3. Conduct research on the triple helix concept, especially entrepreneurial university, and try to have collaborations  with other  organizations all over the world. 

  4. Disseminate the triple helix conception ---- organizing the collaborations based-on an international/global platform in Silicon Valley and other parts of the world.


A special feature of our Institute is to bring international scholars together for the “intelligent joint venture”, initially from China, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the US. We look forward to working with you to develop and practice the triple helix concept.