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         Henry Etzkowitz at the 2013 University-Industry Interaction Conference

         UTT Entrepreneurial Conference 2012 - The Triple Helix Model

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    Special Issue of Social Science Information ---- Silicon Valley: Global model or unique anomaly, Volume 52, No.4,                                                             December 2013

           Guest editor: Henry Etzkowitz

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           Book: Social Entrepreneurship: Leveraging Economic, Political and Cultural DimensionsSpringer, 2013 

                Edited by  Anders Lundström,   Chunyan Zhou,   Yvonne von Friedrichs,  Elisabeth Sundin
           Paper:  Can a teaching university be an entrepreneurial university?: 

       Civic Entrepreneurship and the Formation of A Cultural Cluster in Ashland, Oregon

by Henry Etzkowitz

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2014-2015 Accepting Visitors Project

  • Qualified candidates: must have a Doctorate Degree in principle, exception available only for people who are working for industry & government. 

  • Results: will ideally publish papers and book chapters with you as the first author. 

  • Visiting term: from three to six months. 

  • Fee for donation: $5000, exclusive of travel, accommodation, etc. 


The International Triple Helix Institute (ITHI)  as a non-profit institution was born in Madrid in 2008, with a regional innovation  and  development research remit and rebuilt in Silicon Valley. In general,  the ITHI staff keeps four missions:


  • create new educational or training programmes to prepare people for the new  innovation roles, like those who are managing and  working in science parks, high-tech zones and innovation parks, technology transfer offices, venture capital firms and incubator facilities and governments;

  • serve as a think tank through consultancy, brainstorming new innovation ideas and models, like “triple helix spaces” and the World Innovation Network;

  • do further research on the triple helix concept, especially entrepreneurial university, and try to have collaborations  with other organizations all over the world;

  • do more dissemination of the triple helix study ---- publishing important documents, delivering some  relevant information, organizing the collaborations based-on an international platform in Beijing and Silicon Valley.


A special feature of our Institute is to bring international scholars together for the “intelligent joint venture”, initially from China, Europe and the US. The ITHI staff looks forward to working with you to practice the triple helix concept!

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