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THI Working Paper Series 

Welcome to the THI Working Paper Series! It is a significant addition to the communication channels of the Triple Helix researchers. The Working Paper Series will be published frequently to share latest research ideas on entrepreneurial university and the triple helix study with our partners and colleges worldwide. We would like to share with you some of our thoughts and impressions, especially from Stanford and Silicon Valley, all showing impressive Triple Helix dynamics and the innovation/ entrepreneurship eco-system. The growing importance of the university, industry and government interaction as an engine of innovation, and the superfluous innovation deficit that arises when one sphere is underperforming or lacking. 

19. The Revolt of the Libraries- A Call to Reflection and Action 

18. The Entrepreneurial University Wave

17. Europe of the Future and the future of Europe

16. Entrepreneurial University at Risk?

15. Definition of an Entrepreneurial University 

14. The Need for a Triple Helix Strategy for Africa (new) 


13. The Triple Helix as a Highly Charged Intellectual Enterprise    


12. An Entrepreneurial University Paradigm?

11. Strategy for Success: Learning from Failure and Ambivalence in Triple Helix Studies   

10. Learning From BRAZIL: Inspiration of Triple Helix Innovation

9. Helipedia: See What You Think?

8.Entrepreneurial University Potential Indicators -Case of Stanford University

7. From Smart Specialization to Insightful Diversification: Balancing Incremental and Discontinuous Regional Innovation Strategies

6. Is science academia inherently resistant to gender equality?

5. Academic Entrepreneurship - Back to the Future

4. A Close Observation on Silicon Valley and Stanford University

3. Gendered Academia: Challenge and Response

2.“Tic, Tac, Toe”: Filling Triple Helix Gaps

1.  Triple Helix in the Coronavirus Era  




    Exploration and Challenge!